Death away from Home

When cremation arrangements must unexpectedly be made away from home, and family hearts are filled with mixed emotions, it is difficult to consider costs. If you want to limit costs, the best practice is to contact the funeral firm in the area where the funeral service and cremation is to take place. We at DuPage Cremations can properly advise you on the best approach to having the deceased returned to the Chicago area in the most suitable manner.


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We take charge from then on and make all the arrangements for conveying of the deceased to the local firm for embalming and preparation for return to the Chicagoland area. You only need contact us with some basic information and call us when you return to the area to set a time for an arrangement conference. DuPage Cremations takes the burden off the family by locating a firm in the area where death occurred.

The standard receiving policy in most other firms is to give you a credit for the preparation against their standard prices. You must pay all other charges such as transfer casket, transfer container, out-of-town funeral home facilities, professional and staff services, transfer documents and transportation charges. These costs can easily mount up to $1200 dollars or more, depending on the cost of transportation and charges of the out-of-town funeral home. Transportation costs differ and fees are not uniform from funeral firm to funeral firm, so we cannot say exactly how much this might be. Cremating locally (in the area where the death occurred) is significantly less expensive than shipping remains back to Chicago.

The best option for families that travel often is to use an assistance company, a service business which provides help to travelers who are unfamiliar with how to obtain assistance because they are away from home. DuPage Cremations, Ltd. & Memorial Chapel works with Assist America, which has prepared a program especially for the funeral industry called the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan®. This plan covers you when you have traveled at least 100 miles from home.